Flower Arrangement Gift Ideas

Posted on: 18 November 2018

No matter what type of special occasion you need to buy a gift for, you can't go wrong with beautiful and vibrant flower arrangements. Fresh flowers will show a friend or loved one that you are thinking of them, as well as brighten up their home or office. 

Even if you're on a tight gift-giving budget, you can still treat a special person in your life to a floral arrangement. Bouquets range from small to very large, and can be made with a wide variety of blooms. Depending on the gift recipient's preferences, you can choose either a rustic, country-inspired arrangement filled with wildflowers and other garden blooms, or an elegant display of fragrant white flowers. 

After you've chosen the perfect arrangement from your local florist, next you'll need to decide on the vessel in which to hold them. Ideas include wooden crates, woven wicker baskets or sleek crystal vases that your friend or loved one can use for years to come. 

In addition to the sweet-smelling floral bouquet, consider surprising the celebrant with a few extra coordinating goodies to create a customized gift. A flower arrangement gift is ideal for almost any occasion or celebration, such as a wedding, birthday, holiday, graduation, baby or bridal shower, housewarming or anniversary.

Here are some flower arrangement gift ideas to consider:

1. Birthday-Themed Floral Surprise 

You can design a personalized gift basket filled with flowers that represent the celebrant's birthday month, such as carnations for January, lilies of the valley for May, roses for June, and poinsettias for December. Have the bouquet created with just the one type of bloom, or include a few of the recipient's favorite flowers as well. 

Round out the gift with a piece of jewelry featuring the friend's or loved one's birthstone, such as sapphire earrings for a September birthday, or an opal ring for an October birthday. 

2. Food and Flower Treat 

When it comes to an ideal present for anyone on your gift-giving list, you can't go wrong with a food-and-flower combo. Start by having a floral arrangement filled with the recipient's favorite blooms, such as calla lilies or dahlias, made by a florist, and then fill an accompanying gift box or basket with their preferred treats. 

For a loved one with a sweet tooth, stick with caramels,  chocolate truffles, homemade brownies or cookies, or fudge. If a friend prefers salty snacks, go with a gourmet nut mix, chocolate-drizzled pretzels or a cheese and cracker basket instead.

Contact a company, like Heights Flower Shop, for more ideas.