5 Alternatives To A Classic Rose Bouquet

Posted on: 18 November 2015

Sending flowers after a first date is considered a classy move on the part of young men. However, it's wise to resist the urge to send a formal bouquet of lush roses -- these flowers are better saved for relationships that have developed beyond the first date stage. Girls may feel pressured by a showy bunch of roses, and you run the risk of appearing to be rushing things. Although it's not necessary to send flowers after first dates, it's a nice gesture after dates where obvious sparks fly. Following are five appropriate flowers for sending after a successful first date.


Peonies are for when you feel like sending roses but you know in your heart that the time isn't right. A bouquet of peonies has the same casual luxury of a tousled armful of overblown cottage roses without the same serious meaning.


Cheerful and fun, a bouquet of daisies is always welcome and appropriate. They're a perfect offering for those occasions when you're fairly sure of your feelings for the girl but aren't quite sure if they're reciprocated. Daisies never send the wrong message.


Once only available during a short time in spring, advances in greenhouse growing technology have made tulips available from florists on a year-round basis. Classy and elegant, tulips are a perfect way to thank a lady for a pleasant first date without seeming overbearing. Pale yellow, white, or pink tulips in a vase of the same color make particularly sophisticated accents


Wildflowers are a lightly romantic choice that sends a playful message. Many types, such as veronica, bluebells, wild sweet peas, and black-eyed Susans are now being commercially cultivated for year round availability, while others are still only available on a seasonal basis. They're an excellent choice for impressing girls who are obvious nature lovers. A small packet of wildflower seeds tucked into the card provides a nice finishing touch.


Hydrangeas are old fashioned favorites that are perfect for all but the most formal occasions. Sending a bouquet of hydrangeas to a girl after a first date is a noncommittal way to convey that you enjoyed spending time with her and are open to the possibility of future dates.

There are times, however, when a bouquet of flowers after a first date isn't appropriate. If you don't plan on seeing the girl again, sending a bouquet sends the wrong signal.

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