Creative Ways To Preserve And Display Flowers From A Wedding Bouquet

Posted on: 7 October 2015

In a wedding, the bouquet the bride carries is something that is considered an important keepsake after the wedding is over. These are preserved and saved, although many end up stored away and unappreciated. Instead of wasting time and money on something that is rarely going to be seen again, why not use the flowers from the bouquet to create something fun and exciting to share and display?

Use as Artwork

Wedding bouquets are often dried as one piece and mounted inside a shadow box with a wedding photo and invitation. This is a beautiful keepsake, but not necessarily something that appeals to everyone. There are a number of ways to use a method similar to this to create unique wall art. Consider pressing the individual flowers instead and place them in an ornate frame, in a manner similar to Victorian pressed flower art. Dried petals and flowers can also be sandwiched between glass frames and hung in windows or on walls.

Create Floral Jewelry

Flowers suspended in resin is a trendy look for bracelets and pendants. Save one perfect flower or collect a few of petals from the bouquet and from the groom's boutonniere to preserve in a pendant or locket. There are online instructions that show how to do this at home, or speak to a jewelry artist about having a custom piece designed.  

Make Romantic Candles

Add dried flower petals from the bouquet to the wax in a candle making kit. Use the candles to light the dinner table during the first anniversary – or the fiftieth. To make the petals more visible, wait until the hot wax has begun to solidify and gently press the petals just enough to slightly immerse them into the wax.

Design Floral Paper

Making recycled paper is a fun and simple craft that is also affordable. Add flower petals to the paper and allow it to completely dry. Use the paper in scrapbooks, as thank-you letters to wedding guests or in any other meaningful way.

Since most of these projects use only a few petals or one or two whole flowers to create, it is possible to do each of the crafts and make the most of a special bouquet. If time and money are going to be spent to select, arrange and then save a meaningful bouquet, then the same effort should be given so it can be enjoyed for a lifetime. If you're looking for a wedding florist before your big day, visit Fasan Florist.