Can't Decide On Wedding Flowers? Ask These Questions To Pick The Right Ones

Posted on: 23 February 2015

Since a wedding day is one of the most important days of a bride's life, it's important that all of the traditions and tastes of the bride are reflected in the ceremony. Whether the wedding is a traditional one or not, one thing often stays the same for the bride – her bouquet. A wedding bouquet was used in ancient times to ward off evil spirits and protect the bride on her special day. Where bouquets once contained garlic and other herbs, today they use flowers that either have a symbolic meaning to the couple or are a bride's favorite flower. If you're not sure what flowers you want to include in your bouquet, here are some questions to ask to make sure you get the bouquet you want.

Is The Wedding Traditional?

Traditional weddings should have a traditional bouquet, and one of the most commonly used flowers in a traditional bouquet is the rose. While each bouquet can be personalized, a traditional bouquet typically features an arrangement of roses in the bride's color, with filler flowers such as baby's breath, surrounded by greenery.

A non-traditional wedding can feature just about any type of arrangement you wish, from a bunch of wildflowers to a single flower. Just be sure that your bouquet matches the type of ceremony you have.

What Are Your Colors?

If you have a color theme for your wedding, it's best to ensure that your bouquet reflects those colors exactly. While some women may prefer to choose flowers to enhance their dress, you want your bouquet to reflect the décor and overall color scheme of your wedding. For example, if your venue is decorated in your colors of red and white, don't use a yellow bouquet. Stick with red and white.

Do Any Flowers Have Sentimental Meaning?

Since a large measure of a wedding is the sentimental intent and the memories it will bring, think about whether you and your spouse-to-be have a special "couple" flower. Did he bring you red roses during your courtship or surprise you with hand-picked wildflowers? Any flower that has a sentimental and meaningful memory for you as a couple makes an excellent and heart-felt choice as a wedding bouquet flower.

Essentially, your bouquet will be your choice in every way. There are not any hard and fast rules, but you want to put as much thought into choosing your wedding flowers as you do your dress.